Sunday, December 14, 2008


i've been working so much i've had little to no time for writing. i wish i made enough money to be a super santa and buy buy buy every and anything for everyone of my family and friends. it would be so cool ( the bomb ) to be rich in december.
dream the impossible dream.

today was my sister's birthday. i hope she had a great day. she works so hard and stresses so much on a daily basis... i wish she could relax and enjoy life more.

i'm so wishful today. emotionally too. i cried when i filled out her birthday card. i don't know what's wrong with me. maybe nothing, maybe it's just life, maybe it's just age. all my gray hairs and wrinkles, sags and bags catching up with me.
i guess i have been feeling than i normally do.
i suppose that means i do feel older today than i did yesterday.
i guess i feel like i'm running out of time to make all my dreams become reality. has anyone ever done that before? or am i just dreaming the impossible dream?

my dream? to be rich enough to help make all my family and friends dreams come true, enrich their lives and make their current existence more comfortable and rewarding.
so let me wave my magic wand and say to all
peace to you, celebrate life, reward yourself, and please enjoy your day.
blessings to all this holiday season.


Cas said...

You're younger today than you'll ever be again, and the self-confidence that comes with age and experience makes us more beautiful every year. Somebody once told me, "If you think you're old now, just wait a few years."

Also, I know it seems like it, but money doesn't bring peace or satisfaction or fulfillment or make anybody happier than they were ever going to be anyway.

The path to happiness is different for everybody; we can only wallk it for ourselves.

It's never too late to dream, but we also have to be careful not to overlook the ones that have already come true.

We can't see the end of the road, but it's surely there - let's enjoy the ride, baby!

Cas said...

I'm wishful that you would write more stuff!!!

And who is that alien who posted all that upbeat positive thinking crap under my name?

Money may not buy happiness, but it would sure be fun to try!

Cas said...

I think your blog's content warning is false advertising.