Wednesday, December 10, 2008

let it snow!

the last two nights have been amazing, incredible, spec-fucking-tactular!
last night after dinner i went to the gun range and shot a 9mm. i just imagined my paper target man had vampire fangs on it and i fired away. the next time i go, i am so bring a red sharpe marker with me. can you imagine what all those city rednecks will say when they see my paranormal paper target?

bang bang bang
it was so cool, such a power rush, i loved, loved, loved it!
i came home and told my daughter i had to wash the gsr off my hands.

my husband and i are going to share a handgun for christmas. i told him he could pick out the first gun, that way if i get bored or disinterested with shooting ( right!) than he would still have a hand gun that he enjoyed. which really means, he gets to keep our cheap starter gun, as long as i get my browning baby!

my husband, son, future brother-inlaw, future son in law and current brother inlaw, plus nephews all shoot skeet. i'm going to try that as well. the shotguns that they shoot are way to big for me. i would land in the mud on my ass if i used their weapons. however they do make a small kids shotgun; a 410 or a 20 gage. my son told me that his friends have them for shooting small critters. i do not plan on shooting any small helpless animals, but i will shoot clay flying saucer out of the sky.

and tonight? the most amazing thing happened. it snowed. it's been snowing for hours. there is about 6inches on snow covering my entire backyard right now. unbelievible! the last time my niece visited us for the holidays was in 2004, and guess what, it snowed than too! before that it's been about 15 years since it snowed here.

the weather outside is frightful, and my dear you're so delightful, since there's no place to go,
let it snow , let it snow, let it snow.

wow! i sound just like dean martin on the internet!

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