Thursday, November 20, 2008


it's late,
minutes away from another days passing.
tally up another,
hope it was meaningful, hope i made this one count for something.
parts of it were rather dull, boring as hell really,
but still.....

my neighbor apologized to me about my rock this morning, which was nice. my husband made a movie of my two nieces for my sister as a christmas present, and i spent the entire day sitting on my horrible uncomfortable desk chair filling out online job applications for my mom-in-law. my daughter hugged me, my son called home with good news, i made my sister laugh on the phone after a 14 hour work day, i fed my cat and my dog, and if i hurry i still may get lucky before my husband falls to sleep...

sweet dreams

1 comment:

Cas said...

Hope you got lucky! (I did!!!) Love your posts - keep it up 'cause as I long as you do, I do. Our fates are inexorably interwoven.