Wednesday, November 19, 2008

double click

if i take the adult content warning off my blog will i still be able to type the word fuck?
it's a valid question. it's my favorite word. it's so versatile. but isn't the warning annoying? wtf? yes, of course it's annoying! i am annoyed with it and it's my freaking blog. it's just one more double click action...
is there a help page?
if all else fails read the directions,
some assembly may be required,

i think this is what happened to me and myspace.
i spent hours and hours sending random superpets hugs out into internet space. new apps, new wallpaper, new songs, new pictures, new dancing cursors. there is just no end to the quest of the perfect space. it's a constant work in progress. the webpage jigsaw puzzle project that is impossible to complete. i became lost, trapped inside this alternate webworld of beautiful flashing bulletins and sparkling fonts of apps and apps-holes.

hello my name is nic, i'm a myspace addicted.

1 comment:

Cas said...

The warning sucks. I think you can still write 'fuck' without it. After all, sometimes there's just no better word.