Saturday, August 8, 2009

this day of mine

today was just another ordinary day?
Just like all those other days that blur into each other to create my life.
today i finished rereading lkh's skin trade, ate a couple meals, washed a few loads of clothes, went to work, came home, kissed my husband, and here i sit
typing about
this day of mine.
i'm not depressed, i'm not upset, i'm not melancholy
but i'm not jolly, cheerful , or merry either.
someplace between the two i guess,
drifted into nothingness,
not caring either way,
no big deal
this simple bland day.
that in itself is an accomplishment of sorts.
august 8,1995,
the day my father died.
the fact that it had no effect on me at all,
is a relief, a blessing, almost a cleansing.
no anger, no tears, no memories hovering just beneath the surface.
partly because i started the day reading, allowing my mind to become completely absorbed into another world.
but when i closed the cover of the book and placed it back on the shelf again everything was okay. everything was as it should be.
my life is not perfect, but it's damn close.
life is good, getting better every day.
and i'm grateful

peace to all


Cas said...

How as the book? I'm so far behind it's crazy.

Ordinary can be good - mashed potatoes, vanilla pudding, milk. Comforting stuff, momma.

Nic said...

Skintrade? pick it up and you won't put it down. it was my third time to read; enjoyed it as much as the first Edward book. Wicked and Truth are in this one, it's set in Vegas. more magic mystery and violence not as much sex. but you know i love the power in what ever form she chooses to write, magic, sex,violence, girl power. she hits them all.

Cas said...

I wonder why LKH isn't blogging anymore. Do you know?