Thursday, February 5, 2009

today was a golf day for me and i'm really starting to get into the swing of things. my husband and i went to our city golf course today. it has a really nice driving range plus a mini three hole practice course that kinda horse shoes around the driving range. it's perfect for wild ball whackers like myself.

last week we took my young nephew to play with us. he looked like a pro compared to me, but that's okay. i really enjoy it. today my husband was in an odd mood. he seemed rushed and flustered yet at the same time acting as if nothing was wrong. i wasn't suppose to notice he was in a hurry? i thought we were going to spend several hours when we only stayed at the golf course for about one. (and no, it doesn't take me an hour to play 3 holes of golf! once we pay the fee we can repeat them as many times as we like.)

needless to say that after one round he was ready to go.

"but only if you want to leave.... dear. what do you want to do?"
"i want to hit a bucket of balls. "

so i did. i whacked a small bucket of balls while he sat on the tailgate of the truck. was he embarrassed because i was such a poor player? i couldn't figure out why he was so impatient.
i was in a good mood and i couldn't figure out why he was not in a good mood yet pretending to be in a good mood...

"just do it like this..... dear...."
"keep your head down and your arms straight.... dear.."
" you're only hitting the top of the ball... dear.."

i think that my husband likes to play golf but with men equal to his skill level.
i am not that.
once i learn how to play maybe....

but for now, i think i'll clock most of my practice hours alone or with my young nephew. besides he thinks it's hilarious that instead of soaring through the sky my ball just rolls two feet in front of me. reminds me of a song "like an old meatball, all covered in cheese...."
is it possible for golf balls to have phobias?
opps i whacked again, let me slice and dice that for you...
birdie birdie in the sky, how come my ball won't fly...


Cas said...

Your husband doesn't realize how fun it is to just live. He has an enormous stick up his ass that you have been sent to dislodge.

I do not envy you that task.

But I am glad God sent you to lighten him up.

Anirban Biswas said...

Its almost 10 days and no post! I'm eager to see your ugly truth, pick up the pen (keyboard)!

Cas said...

Anirban has a point.