Thursday, February 5, 2009

A long, long time ago,

My best friend spent the night at my house. She recently returned home from orchestra camp. We talked for hours locked away in my room. she was telling me all the exciting details of her summer. she shared one escapade after another about this boy and the great romance, the bold and daring meeting, that lead to the perfect first kiss.

When she finally came to the end of those long tales of camp, i was silent for a second or two before we both burst into laughter. my childhood girlfriend was a gt (gifted and talented) kid. She was even more spectacular in person than all the stories she made up for my entertainment.

As usual, she managed to bring excitement, thrills and adventure to my ordinarily dark and gloomy childhood. sunshine on a cloudy day. That is just one reason, out of millions more, why she is still today and always will be, my dearest friend.

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