Saturday, March 7, 2009

a paradox perhaps, this life of mine. i have often wondered how anyone has the courage to go out into the world and just go and do without thoughts or worries of the effects and consequences of their deeds on those around. than i realize that this is just how i was programed to think and believe by my parents. that this is my perception, my viewpoint and mine alone, not even my sisters share this. yet even though this is different it is not necessarily right or wrong, it simply is mine.

what scales of measure balance my conscious life? strength and weakness are woven so tightly together they are sometimes difficult to distinguish; deeds done or deed left undone, action taken or actions resisted, words spoken or words left unsaid. temptations indulged in and those resisted.

sinners and saints are fictional beings. humans are neither of thoses and everything inbetween.

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