Monday, October 27, 2008


Who can really say what happened. i know i can't. i thought i found an old blog of mine, instead i created a new one. that's just part of being middle aged. i'm not so old i can't figure out certain high tech gizmos but i'm old enough that i need a ten year old to translate everything for me. so i guess the name of my new blog page is " a new day" ? not exactly what i wanted but oh, well. it's not too bad. sorry Celine, didn't pick that on purpose.

my life is changing, as most tend to do. i guess i've been feeling funky about the new transitions. i've always sorted out my feeling, worked out my issues by writing things down on paper. something about the process helps me heal.
fyi. i can't spell, type and my grammer would make any 1st grade english teacher pull a few blue hairs out of her beehive.
maybe this will be interesting reading, maybe not.
read me, don't read me.
i don't give a fuck.
i'm just writing to drain my brain about issues i never speak aloud.

if i can figure out how, i'm going to rename my blog.

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